Keesling Law Group is a Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma Serving Business, Contract & Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, In Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow as well as the rest of Oklahoma

Keesling Law Group is a highly successful, boutique law firm that is focused on helping our clients navigate the complexities in their lives and businesses, whether they are litigation or transactional/ non-litigation matters, with clarity, certainty and confidence. They have a broad range of solutions and high quality services to offer our clients.

In matters that require litigation, Keesling Law Group focuses on preparing for trial with a winning strategy to enhance outcomes for its clients. KLG puts its experience to work to turn legal challenges into opportunities for success. Their mission is to deliver the same high-quality legal services of larger firms, but at more affordable rates and flexible terms. KLG focuses on smart money decision-making and they pass that value on to the individuals, sole proprietors and smaller companies that otherwise cannot afford to access the skilled representation they need. Our Tulsa trial lawyers have the experience, resources and desire to take on unique, interesting and complex cases. When KLG goes into court … they play to win!

Keesling Law Group Reviews

A True Lawyer of Distinction

David Keesling is a paragon of excellence. He represents us with integrity, passion and tenacity. Where other…


Excellent Law Firm

Mr. Keesling has been my attorney for three years. During this time he has been with me through the highs and…


Outstanding Attorney!

I have observed a lot of lawyers throughout my involvement in the legal profession and law enforcement. It’s not…