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Thanks for visiting the Keesling Law Group website, we are business lawyers serving Jenks, Oklahoma. This Tulsa County city is growing at a very rapid pace because of the many benefits that residents enjoy. It is a great place to live in its own right, with an interesting downtown area to explore, and it is the home of the Oklahoma Aquarium. Plus, it sits right outside of a major city, so there are countless opportunities at your fingertips if you are a Jenks local. We have assisted many clients in and around the city over the years, and we look forward to making many new connections as time goes on.

Do You Need a Corporate Law Attorney in Jenks, OK?

If you are running a business, you are going to require the services of a business law attorney from the first moment that you start out. One of the initial decisions that you will have to make will be the selection of a business structure. Will you be a sole proprietor, or do you want to use a corporation, a partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability company? Many people who are just starting out aren’t sure, and this is where a business law attorney can enter the picture. We help clients with business formulation, and we would be glad to explain these options to you in detail and make the appropriate recommendations.

As a corporate law firm, our corporate lawyers can help in many other different ways once the business has been established. And if there is ever any contract litigation, our Jenks, OK contract law attorneys can spring into action to vigorously defend your interests. When you have a Keesling Law Group contract law lawyer on your side, you can go forward with full confidence.

Jenks, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys

In addition to our work as business law attorneys and contract litigation lawyers, we are also criminal defense attorneys. We can represent you if you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, and we also specialize in white collar criminal defense law.

Family Law Attorneys

Family law is another area that we have covered. If you ever need a divorce lawyer, look no further than Keesling Law Group. The stakes are high when you are exiting a marriage, so you should definitely have a divorce attorney by your side. A family law attorney can also be helpful when child custody and/or spousal support matters are being decided.

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