Client Reviews From Clients and Entities in Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, & Broken Arrow, OK

A True Lawyer of Distinction

David Keesling is a paragon of excellence. He represents us with integrity, passion and tenacity. Where other lawyers failed us, Mr. Keesling excelled. He committed himself to our case and is undaunted by the burdens that come with it. He wholeheartedly dedicating his extensive knowledge, skills and abilities to our case and has embraced our fight as his own. Mr. Keesling has been supportive, encouraging, and reliable. He is also very straightforward and pragmatic; nothing he does is perfunctory. I have the utmost respect for and confidence and trust in David Keesling. He is truly a lawyer of distinction and I am very grateful for his representation.

Karla T.


Excellent Law Firm

Mr. Keesling has been my attorney for three years. During this time he has been with me through the highs and lows that come along with civil litigation. Mr. Keesling is the most knowledgeable and intelligent attorney I have spoken with. He has been able to recite relevant law and even small details about my case from memory on the spot. In a professional sense Mr. Keesling has gone above and beyond in every aspect of litigation and has always provided top tier services. Mr. Keesling has been my attorney in cases in federal and state courts across the United States (literally from California to New York) and has been informed and well prepared at every turn. On a personal level, Mr. Keesling has always kept me informed about my cases, and has been supportive and encouraging when I needed it most. In observing Mr. Keesling in Court, I also have noticed that he easily captures the respect of Judges, fellow attorneys, and all other professionals. It is easy to see that Mr. Keesling truly looks out for his clients’ best interests at every turn. Based on what Mr. Keesling has done for me, I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Michael K


Outstanding Attorney!

I have observed a lot of lawyers throughout my involvement in the legal profession and law enforcement. It’s not often that I observe an attorney that can stand-alone and stand out. I’m here to tell you, Dave Keesling is just that quality of attorney. When he gets involved in a case he literally lives it like it was his own. Over the years I’ve watched him present his clients’ cases to judges and juries. He says what needs to be said – what most will not say – and what most jurors are thinking. Dave is one of a kind and if you can afford to have him you will not find anyone that will work harder for you and be more persuasive with a jury. He doesn’t run with the lawyer crowd and is a bit of a lone wolf but he has an unstoppable killer instinct. Do whatever you have to do to get him on your side.

Randy P.



“David Keesling is at the top of his game and one of the premier international business lawyers. Not only does Mr. Keesling offer a vast wealth of substantive knowledge and experience, I have also found him to be extremely easy to work with even when dealing with language barriers and highly technical and scientific data. He has a unique ability to take very complex issues and communicate them in a manner that can be understood by all. I would highly recommend Mr. Keesling and his team at Keesling Law Group for international business litigation.”

Sonja Urdal Alsvik – Senior Environmental Consultant, Talisman Energy Norge AS, Stavanger, Norway


Powerful Representation!

Keesling Law Group provides powerful representation with the financial and geographic flexibility to be accessible to all.

Karla M. Taylor – CEO/President, National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Highly Recommended!

It was a pleasure working with David and having him as my attorney on my case in Oklahoma U.S. He was hard working and was very prepared in all occasions. He did an excellent job in the Federal court in Oklahoma City in front of the jury. The jury came out with a verdict in our favor. The case was complicated involving Norwegian practices in the Oil Industry and David was quick in adopting the knowledge required. I highly recommend David.

Bjorn M.


Keesling is the ultimate fighter

I was very frustrated after interviewing several lawyers for my very complicated case. When I was about to give up I heard Mr. Keesling speaking on the radio about his law firm and how they are different than other firms. I called Mr. Keesling the following day and all I can say is that he and his team restored my faith in the legal system. They really work for their clients and are totally transparent. All the other lawyers just made excuses but Mr. Keesling found solutions. He’s a serious man when it comes to his clients and their cases so don’t expect a buddy; expect a fighter focused on results.

Alan G.



Impressive … the only word that came to mind when we met David. It remains to be the word that describes his firm after achieving our best-case scenario. We will never go anywhere else to be represented. Our family is extremely grateful and blessed because of him and his incredibly knowledgeable staff. Thank you will never seem enough.

Kimberly J.



I had to switch lawyers in the middle of a divorce and I chose the experienced firm of KLG. David immediately went to work on my case and had answers that I had been looking for within days of working with me. His knowledge of the law is robust and his attention to detail and customer service in second to none. I would HIGHLY recommend David and his entire staff for any legal issues.

Adam A.


Professional and Friendly

It has been an excellent experience having Keesling Law Group represent me. The team knows their stuff, is always prepared, and is friendly at every stage.

Michael K.


The Best of the Best!

David and his team of attorneys are extremely rare in that they do so many of the things to meet their client’s needs that most others attorneys have just chosen to ignore. David was always prepared, always on time and proactively contacted me about my case. My legal matter wasn’t a big money case but David treated me like I was the most important client at his firm. Honestly, he will never know how important his advice and counsel was to me. He helped me through the most difficult time of my life without ever making me feel like I was just a number. I will recommend him to anyone that needs a gentleman and real professional. He just has a way of absolutely crushing the opposition without sacrificing his professionalism.

Daniel T.


Straight forward and extremely effective!!!

Dave Keesling’s prices and payment plan was very manageable for my budget. He kept it truthful and provided me with all of the options possible (none of which was give up). A lot of defense attorneys in Tulsa charge high fees, give you only the options they want to, and then play with the play with the prosecutors & judge at court, but not Dave. He handled my situation very professional and personal, and I will always appreciate him for that. Again, Thanks Dave!!!

Marco R.


Excellent and Ethical Representation

I have been working with Mr. Keesling for over three years. He has done an excellent job keeping me informed, managing my emotions and expectations, and representing me with the utmost competency and determination. I highly recommend Mr. David Keesling and his law firm.

Brittany K.


One of a kind person and attorney!

After going through several attorneys and getting nowhere on my case, I found Mr. Keesling. He is an amazing attorney! He has such an incredible dedication to each and every case that he takes. You CANNOT GO WRONG with him! He has an extensive back ground in all areas which is hard to find and exactly what I needed. He is honest, tells it like it is, but also understanding to your needs, and always takes time to speak with you in person or on the phone when you need him. I never felt left in the dark on my case and was never left feeling I had more of a “client relationship” with his assistant than him. I am so pleased with Mr. Keesling and his team!! If you need an attorney, look no further! This is the man you need. I promise it will be one of the best decisions you make. Also, my parents needed someone to handle their personal stuff. I sent them to Mr. Keesling and they were so pleased. He took care of them like they were his family. I know my parents can be demanding and question everything, but that didn’t matter to him. He never acted annoyed or blew them off. He answered all questions they had (which were many) and left them feeling satisfied and relieved.

Wendy B.


David Keesling: High quality, friendly, dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

I am honored to write a review on behalf of David Keesling. In 2002, I found myself suddenly drowning in a world of addiction and subsequently sinking in legal problems. Previously I had been represented by a lawyer who was not serving me well considering I had a squeaky clean record prior to my newfound methamphetamine use. After a car accident I was given Dave Keesling’s name and I hired him as my new criminal attorney. Needless to say I was not an easy client for Dave. It seems every time he turned around I was getting another drug charge or theft charge to support my habit. Dave continued to be there for me, represent me and encourage me to change my life. The courts could have put me in prison for many years because of the number of felonies I had obtained over a short amount of time but Dave continued to fight for me. Instead I only stayed in the Tulsa County Jail for a total of 6 months. While in the jail I was raped several times by an employee of the jail with a violent criminal past. I didn’t speak of the rape for many months for fear of no one believing a lying, manipulative drug addict. Over time, I was able to get word to Dave about what was happening to me and I spoke with him over the phone. He told me if it happens again to call him and let him know as soon as I could and when it happened again, I did just that. Dave immediately had me released from the jail and taken to the hospital for a rape exam. I was released and went home to my boyfriend. Dave continued to represent me through the civil case against David L. Moss and the criminal case against the rapist who was found guilty. We won both! I have now been in recovery for 10 years, got my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and am a Licensed Addictions Counselor working at a treatment center for co occurring disorders. I owe much of this to David Keesling. He not only was my lawyer but also became my friend. He had no reason to believe that I had been raped in that jail but he did. He didn’t have to believe that I would ever get clean off of methamphetamine but he got me into that treatment center instead of prison. He believed in me when even my family had disowned me. He always knew I was destined for greater things and he fought like a soldier for me. I will forever be grateful for the second chance he gave me at life. If you want an attorney that you can count on and that will see you through until the very end, David Keesling is your man! Thank you Dave!

Landy S.


This Law Firm Kicks A**

In 2005, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me near death, in chronic pain, and tremendous financial trouble. It was my first time dealing with having to hire an attorney. The first and second attorneys I hired sat on their butts, collected insurance money, and did nothing. It took me two years to wise up, and instead of just picking one randomly like before, I researched attorneys. I searched through public databases and court records, and I found David Keesling. He breathed life into a case that should have died on the vine long ago. He and his staff were efficient, bluntly honest, and never fed me a bunch of crap they thought I wanted to hear. I hate when I’m treated like a child who can’t handle the truth. He never once treated me like a moron who needed to be sedated with a fairy tale. One thing I learned quickly in my lawsuit was not everyone is able to sway people in court. The judge and jury are people, and if you can’t conduct yourself in a persuasive manner when you are arguing a case, it really doesn’t matter what the letter of the law really is. David is amazing in court. I promise you. You want that almost as much as anything else when you go to court. David is a winner. The staff involved in my case were winners. Isn’t that what any of us want when we need the system to listen to our side of the story? I recommend this law firm to every single person I know needs a fair shake by a fair firm. I will continue to do so. I recommend this firm 100%!!

Catherine M.


High Quality Service!

Very high quality service and support for those with a bad background. David called me back within minutes of my calling him and he was very interested in my case.

Bob H.


Top Shelf!

Highly experienced and effective legal counsel that exceeded my expectations! I strongly recommend the Keesling Law Group for any legal needs.

Bryant S.


“Their knowledge, skill, and work ethic are unmatched.”

“In 2012 I was ‘laid off’ from my employment after nearly 20 years with the employer. In addition to the distress I felt over losing my source of income, the discharge also occurred just months from the time when my retirement would fully vest, which was known to my employer. I enlisted the attorneys now at Keesling Law Group to vindicate my rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. After months of litigation, the Federal District Court ruled in my favor, and my case was resolved shortly after the decision. Keesling Law Group is THE law firm for anyone who has been treated unlawfully at work, either through discrimination or wrongful termination. Their knowledge, skill, and work ethic are unmatched. I have and will continue to recommend the attorneys at Keesling Law Group to anyone whose rights have been violated.”

Randy L. – Nowata, Oklahoma


“They fought tirelessly for me.”

“In 2010 I was traveling on the Muskogee Turnpike, heading to my jobsite, when I was pulled over by an OHP Trooper for a minor traffic violation. From that traffic stop I was wrongfully arrested and spent a couple of days in jail, as well as having some of my property unlawfully confiscated. The attorneys at Keesling Law Group took my case and aggressively pursued my rights, filing a civil rights lawsuit in federal court. They fought tirelessly for me, through litigation and an appeal to the 10th Circuit, which ruled in my favor. In the end, I won my case and was vindicated through the skill, knowledge, and dedication of the members of the Keesling Law Group. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs an advocate for their rights.”

Jason C. – Maryville, Tennessee


Powerful Representation!

“Keesling Law Group provides powerful representation with the financial and geographic flexibility to be accessible to all.”

Karla M. Taylor – CEO/President, National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana.


“The only place to go is Keesling Law Group.”

“I was the victim of a hostile work environment and sought the assistance of the attorneys that are at the Keesling Law Group to vindicate my rights. They took my matter seriously and were extremely knowledgeable. They guided me through the EEOC process and expertly handled my lawsuit. For someone experiencing employment discrimination or wrongful discharge, the only place to go is Keesling Law Group.”

Melissa H. – Tulsa, Oklahoma


“Thank you David Keesling and Keesling Law Group.”

“A recent situation had gotten me down. The weight of disappointment was paralyzing. I prayed daily for guidance and relief. God sent me an angel last night. Thank you David Keesling and Keesling Law Group.”

Gwenda H. – Tulsa, Oklahoma


“KLG attorneys were crucial in obtaining justice for me.”

“I first met the attorneys that are at Keesling Law Group just after being unlawfully discharged from my job because of my disability. These KLG attorneys were crucial in obtaining justice for me. I cannot thank them enough for the professionalism and patience they exhibited during the time they litigated my case to conclusion. I greatly appreciated the way they took the time to assist me with anything I had trouble understanding. They were very kind and treated me like a person and not just another case. I would not hesitate to contact them again, and anytime anyone asks me if I know of a good attorney, I tell them to call the attorneys at Keesling Law Group.”

Margie K. – Tulsa, Oklahoma


“These attorneys did more than file a lawsuit – they treated me like I mattered.”

“The owner of the company where I was employed was in the habit of constantly referring to women and sex in very derogatory terms within my workplace. In response to my complaint to my immediate supervisor, I was discharged, and my supervisor was similarly treated because she conveyed my complaint to the owner and requested that he end the derogatory commentary and slurs. I took this situation to the lawyers that are at Keesling Law Group. They were very understanding and took my complaint seriously. They shepherded my case through the EEOC process and a lawsuit. These attorneys did more than file a lawsuit – they treated me like I mattered. I would not hesitate to refer someone experiencing sexual harassment and retaliatory discharge to Keesling Law Group.”

Vanessa O. – Tulsa, Oklahoma


Fiercely Loyal and Dedicated!

“You will not find a team of lawyers more fiercely loyal and dedicated to their clients and their cause than at Keesling Law Group. The KLG attorneys do not merely represent their clients; they build committed relationships with them. In my pursuit for legal representation, the team at KLG was the only one that had the fortitude to take on, with full force, our cause when other lawyers were timorous to do so.”

Karla M. Taylor – CEO/President, National Association of Forensic Counselors, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Intensely Committed to Win!

“David Keesling and his powerhouse team of experts are intensely committed to win my fight against a goliath corporation. Not only are they devoted to the law and details; they are passionate, caring and conscientious of their clients’ needs. They have proven to me time and time again, that they are steadfast. The Keesling team is above and far beyond exceptional when measuring attorney client relations. I have met and interviewed many commercial litigators who would much rather avoid a courtroom confrontation. David Keesling is just the opposite; he is disciplined, meticulous and focused on moving my case to a Jury and the depth of his expertise, strength and commitment has become even more evident as the fight progresses. David is always prepared, calculated and maintains the upper hand against opposing counsel. To say I feel fortunate that I am working with David and the whole team at Keesling Law Group is an understatement. My family has been given our hope and courage back and we are stronger now than we ever have been due to the incredible diligence, strategies and precision execution of Keesling Law Group.”

Brian R. Stearns – Founder and CEO, Fuzzee Bee Beverage, LLC, ZUN Energy Drink, Broomfield, Colorado