Tulsa Business and Corporate Lawyers With Innovative Solutions to Problem Solving

The attorneys at Keesling Law Group are experienced and knowledgeable professionals that have provided legal services to a variety of business and corporate clients. Our Tulsa legal team represents individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, as well as larger local, regional and national companies. The business and corporate legal services offered by Keesling Law Group focus on creating legal strategies that prevent or quickly resolve disputes while protecting and promoting our clients’ goals, interests and objectives.

At Keesling Law Group, we understand that our clients are not in the business of litigation and we focus on limiting the exposure of litigation by negotiating settlements and employing alternative dispute resolution methods, including early mediation. However, when conflicts cannot be resolved through settlement or alternative dispute resolution methods, and litigation becomes necessary, our lawyers are prepared to aggressively represent our clients at all stages of the state or federal litigation, including appellate court representation.

Oklahoma Businesses and Corporations Team With The Tulsa Attorneys at Keesling Law Group

Many of our clients retain Keesling Law Group as trusted business and corporate lawyer to act as their “outsourced in-house counsel.” This arrangement has three principal benefits: (1) we develop an in-depth familiarity with your business, culture and legal needs; (2) we maintain a long-term relationship, which facilitates efficiency of service (with no additional employee headcount); and (3) we become an integral part of your team.

Business and Corporate Lawyers in Tulsa With a History of Producing Winning Results

David R. Keesling, the founder of Keesling Law Group, has built a solid reputation as a highly skilled and trusted business and corporate lawyer. Keesling Law Group clients are ensured professionalism and diligence at every litigation level with Mr. Keesling and his equally skilled and accomplished Tulsa legal team.

Tulsa’s Leading Business & Corporate Litigation Experience

Keesling Law Group is committed to providing personalized attention and skilled legal representation to clients throughout the entire litigation process. No two cases are the same, which is why the attorneys at Keesling Law Group spend as much time as necessary learning about each client’s unique business operations as well as their individual concerns, needs and objectives.

We strive to keep our clients informed at all stages of the litigation process and work to ensure that they understand all laws, regulations and legal precedents that may impact their case.

The attorneys at Keesling Law Group have worked to develop a nationwide reputation for providing outstanding service to clients both in and out of the courtroom. We are focused on developing litigation strategies that minimize interruptions while producing winning results, so that our clients can concentrate on what they do best – running their businesses.

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